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Come join ScubaTech and dive the beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast. The most popular SCUBA diving begins just a few miles from the Destin East Pass.


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Sea Cobra Boat

The Sea Cobra Dive Boat

The “Sea Cobra” is the fastest, most comfortable dive boat in Destin. She is 45′ of diving pleasure. The “Sea Cobra” has a spacious deck with bench seats, tank racks and two fantastic drop down ladders for easy access getting back on board the vessel.

SCUBA diving

Learn to Dive

The PADI Online Open Water Diver Course is a beginner SCUBA course which is great for those wanting to take their first breath underwater.  Start the online course, then come complete your open water training dives with us!  Sign up today!

Mongoose Boat

The Mongoose Try Scuba/Snorkel Boat

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breath underwater? The Try SCUBA program allows you to experience the thrill of diving without all the work.  Join us on the “Mongoose” snorkel boat to try diving or snorkel the Destin Jetties!

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Anytime, Anywhere, Learn to Scuba Dive

Join ScubaTech and dive the beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast

Unlike anywhere in the Panhandle of Florida, Destin is unique in that the limestone outcroppings begin just a few miles off the beach, and are covered with soft corals, sponges, game fish, and an abundance of tropical fish.  These ledges are also home to shovel-nose and spiny lobsters.  The reefs range from 2-8 feet in height at a depth of 82-95 feet.

We offer many types of classes on SCUBA diving to include Open Water and Advanced Open Water classes, just to name a few.We usually dive March through late November, with water temperatures ranging from the mid 60’s in early spring to the low 80’s in the summer.

The observant SCUBA diver will also notice many types of shells and the photographer will be surprised at the magnificent macro photography and underwater scenery. So, don’t waste another minute, come get certified with ScubaTech today!

Scuba Diving with ScubaTech